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Jeffrey Dahmer: The monster who preyed on men in a bizarre obsession

Unlike many American serial Killers, Jeffrey Dahmer was a genius in his creepy acts following how he swam in a pool of crimes for decades and got away with it.


Before what went down to be the most horrifying story of all time, Jeffrey Dahmer have come a long way.

Early Life

Jeffrey Dahmer’s teenage photograph and his parent’s apartment

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the family of Lionel Herbert Dahmer and Joyce Annette Dahmer. He was the first of two sons of his parents.

He grew up with his family but was quite deprived attention a child needed to be indoctrinated into a good phase.

His father and mother’s marital union was trembling so they had no opportunity to guide their children especially Dahmer who was going to be outgrown by his median monster in the early years to come.

Despite the view of this, the vital time Jeffrey spent with his father, he was able to learn how to dismember and mummify animals which stretched down to his nerves and sparked his passion for dead animals.

He would go on to hunt animals, impale them and even explore more to his taste. While he thrived in this phase of life, the creepy passion grew even bigger.

In his teens, he discovered and embraced his sexuality which was specifically embedded in men. He loved men and always dreamt of attaining his pleasure from them.

At school, he was the quiet guy who was often chided and demeaned by his classmates; he was never respected or taken seriously. He was, however, verging on satisfying his rare urge.

Before unleashing his monster, he admired men most often and had always wanted to take full control of them to the extent that he once tried to exhume the corpse of a deceased young man which was unsuccessful amid how the ground was too hard to dig as disclosed by him.

He was growing up and developing with his monster until his parents spiced it with their divorce and he became fully independent.

A few days after graduating from high school, Dahmer who was already living alone in his father’s abandoned crib unleashed his first crime which was inflicted on his first victim, Stephen Hicks.


Jeffery Dahmer and his victims

A few days after he graduated from high school, Dahmer picked up a Hitchhiker identified as Stephen Hicks.

He had offered him drinks and leisure with him in his parent’s abandoned apartment which hicks didn’t hesitate to compromise with.

Jeffery’s intention was clear, he was obsessed with Hicks’s Torso and wanted to have a taste of that.

After they arrived in Dahmer’s apartment, he aligned with his words but was still engulfed with his intention and creepy thoughts.

A few hours after they have listened to music and drank together, Dahmer tried to advance his séxual thoughts on Hicks who resisted and insisted to flee his apartment.

Dahmer wanting to have Hicks all for himself bludgeoned him with a 10-pound (4.5 kg) dumbbell. According to him, he struck Hicks with the dumbbell from behind twice on the head while he sat on a chair.

While Hicks lay down dead, Dahmer performed his séxual urge on him by masturbàting on him. After what seemed to be a toll of pleasure, he buried Hicks’s remains in a shallow grave. However, after a few days, he exhumed it and dissected, dissolved, pulverized, and scattered the now imperceptible remains throughout his backyard. This, he portrayed to avoid the police countering his crimes.

A view of Jeffrey Dahmer’s parent-abandoned apartment

Dahmer was already confident and fearless because he would always deploy his mysterious measures to get away with crimes.

After he left his father’s house, he went on to live with his grandmother, identified as Catherine where he headed on to murder three more people and got rid of them without her notice.

He lived with her for roughly 9 years before he was thrown out of her house in 1990.

After exiting her Grandmother’s apartment and owning his own rented apartment located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he unleashed his monster.

He would go on to murder, cannibalise and sexually assault over 17 young men and teens for close to two decades before his last victim, Tracy Edwards exposed him.

Arrest, sentence and Death

Jeffery Dahmer posing for his crime shoot

On July 22, 1991, portraying his modus of operandi; Dahmer had already gone to a gay club where he often picked his prey.

He met a group of three gay prostitutes and offered them a deal worth $100 that involved, taking nude pictures for money and spending some leisure time with him.

They all declined the offer except, Tracy Edwards who accompanied him home as they had compromised.

When he entered Dahmer’s room, the irritating fowl odour and other suspicious weapons and views inflected fear and suspense in him.

This made him vigilant and incredibly vulnerable. Dahmer who had offered him a drink without hesitation tried to handcuff him but ended up handcuffing just his left hand.

His suspense rose to the peak as anxiety engulfed him. This is because, this time, Dahmer wasn’t being friendly anymore.

He could whisper to him face-to-face that he wanted to eat his heart to his satisfaction just like he had done to his other victims.

Despite the level of fright trembling in Tracy’s emotion, he was quite calm and focused on his only chance which was the unlocked door.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s last victim, Tracy Edwards

While Dahmer struggled with him, he found the opportunity and struck him with his room facility and fled the scene.

While running and trembling in fear, he saw two policemen who expressed concern about his plea and followed him back to Dahmer’s room to uncuff him.

When they reached the exact spot, Dahmer who was fearless because he would always find a way to get rid of the Police admitted to handcuffing Tracy. While the police queried him, he was calm and never showed any sign of panic which left the Police unsuspicious.

However, it swerved to the brink after he insisted on getting the key to uncuff Tracy himself instead of allowing the Police to venture into his room. This boosted the Police’s suspense and they searched his room to discover horrific photographs of his victims and a few pieces of evidence of his crimes that will stretch to an enormous view as his investigation soared.

After digesting that the Police had discovered who he was, he immediately attempted to flee the scene but was held captive and detained for further investigation.

After what seemed to be a bizzare experience in Dahmer’s apartments, the Police investigation team deployed a thorough search to discover the most horrifying murder evidence of mankind.

While the Police Department searched his room, they found 11 bodies in Dahmer’s apartment after his arrest in 1991, along with blood stains, seven skulls, two hearts, two skeletons, a pair of severed hands, multiple dismembered torsos, and other human organs. They also found Polaroid photos, weapons, and acid. This inducted him to all media and newspaper headlines making him the deadliest monster in history.

Jeffrey Dahmer was further convicted and sentenced which he didn’t live to serve after his fellow inmate, Christopher murdered him.

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by Christopher Scarver, at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. According to Christopher who had read much about Jeffrey’s story, God instructed him to do so.

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