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MUST READ: The Fall Of The Richest Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar as many sources parades was a drug cartel, baron, mogul and lord. He was a genius in the drug trafficking business.


However, despite embracing power and attaining a net worth of over $30 billion which will be worth over 80 billion in today’s market, Pablo Escobar’s cruelty and arrogance cost him his life.

Inspiration to many, a status most people around the globe try to attain, Escobar left an executive legacy that is still studied to date.

The fall of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria who was born on 1st December 1949 was a Colombian drug lord, narcoterrorist, and politician, who led and founded Medellín Cartel. Identified as “the king of cocaine”.

His early life featured school dropouts and involvement in minor criminal activities that pertained to, kidnapping, selling fake lottery tickets, selling illegal cigarettes, and participating in motor vehicle theft.

Growing up in terror and reforming to a cartel, Pablo became a drug Lord and committed politician in 1976.

Drug Legacy

Pablo Escobar and one of the rooms where he stored his money

Portraying his vocation as a drug lord and politician, Pablo Escobar managed to smuggle drug business into the United States.

As of the time, he soared to the greater phase, he was already making $60 million every single day from the United States only.

15 tons of drugs are smuggled into the United States every single day expanding his fortune and finance to a phase he couldn’t even handle.

However, he was able to hide them anywhere possible, staking money in warehouses, under his bed, under the walls, under his floor and many more.

A view of Pablo Escobar’s zoo filled with zebra, Giraffe, Lion and Hippopotamus

He even lost mostly 10% of his fortune buried underground because rodents and rain destroyed it.

Escobar’s income was coming in so fast that he lost his validity for money to the extent that he once burnt $2 million to keep his cold daughter warm.

This also stretched to his Real Estate obsession where he owned a complete Zoo and many other housings and cars attached to his name.

Away from this, he also earned a reputation with locals in Colombia following how he built several free estates and football pitches for civilians from his drug funds. He was often idolised by the locals despite his cruel status.

Political game

Pablo Escobar and his son posing for a photoshoot in front of the White House

Having earned a financial reputation and Power, Escobar became passionate about his political game where he earned rivals from other drug lords from different cartels mostly from the United States and even his home town Colombia.

This resulted in mass killings and assassinations mostly deployed by Pablo; he was a terror to both his rivals and innocent civilians.

He once killed over 100 numbers of people to get within reach of his enemy resulting also in gunning down an aircraft carrying an enormous population of innocent civilians with the intention to kill his enemy who was not even present in the aircraft.

He also assassinated a Colombian Minister of Justice which marked the beginning of his run and fall.

Dangling in crimes and Assassination in both the United States and Colombia, both Nations declared war against him. However, he had always found a way to escape them.

His combat with the government resulted in the killing of over 500 innocent civilians which thrust the Colombian government to reach an agreement with him and he surrendered on one condition.

This condition featured that he wouldn’t be extradited to the United States and to serve only a 5-year sentence.

Pablo Escobar’s self-built prison, La Cathedral

He also was allowed to serve his term in a self-built prison called La Cathedral located in the hills of Mendalin. This prison was unlike a prison, it featured, a football field, a bar, a Jacuzzi and enormous leisure facilities.

Women were smuggled for him in numbers and he continued his drug business anyway.

After what seems to be a little time of jail service, he murdered two of his associates in the prison which resulted in the government’s real intrusion. He was declared to be transferred to a real prison but upon the army’s arrival, he had already exited the prison through his secret tunnel. This spiced the government’s concern and they declared him wanted.


Pablo Escobar and his family

The pressure has become immense and the Colombian drug Lord has been on the run since he escaped his self-built prison.

The Government also had already created an elite commando dedicated fully to the pursuit of the drug lord.

The government also offered to pay for vital information, they also hired a paramilitary terrorist group identified as Los Pepe who were all dedicated to assassinating Pablo Escobar.

After all measures and attempts, Pablo Escobar was gunned down by the police via multiple shots on December 2nd 1993, on the rooftops of Mendalin.

He was located due to a phone call made to his family which was tracked down to his hideout.

To date, Pablo Escobar has inspired several tons of Educational liability, movies and books inspiration most civilians embody.

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