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Threads Now Has A Web Version

Threads Logo
Threads Logo

Meta Chief Mark Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday that the company was working hard to make a usable web version of Threads, the so-called Twitter’s Rival, available on the web scene. Now the web version is here, but  it comes short in less features than the phone version.


Meta, which runs Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has however promised that more features would be coming soon in the future.

The microblogging platform, Threads, which gained fame for many reasons, one of which was its affiliation with a known social-media juggernaut, Meta, had gained more than 100 million sign ups after its launching few months ago. But the new App has been experiencing depletion in DAU (daily active users) since shortly later.

Meta made the choice to launch Threads in a very basic form. This has frustrated users who checked out the platform following its much-hyped launch, and were expecting it to be a ready-to-go alternative to Twitter.

Offering a web version is a very important step. However, it still has a way to go.

– Rebecca McGrath,  an associate director in matters of media and technology at a global intelligence agency, Mintel.

According to analysts, users were unsatisfied with the unavailability of certain features they enjoyed on Twitter (now called X), which include hashtags, messaging portals, and a web version that allows to do more than read posts.

The new web version is still not a good rival of Twitter, but it is likely that its new accessibility in www would increase user engagement, thereby boosting the amount of users that come by daily, and the possibility of more sign-ups. However, users would not be able to share their threads posts to Instagram, or edit their profiles.

One of the interesting stories surrounding the struggle of Threads to stay afloat is its acceptance of the version of free speech both the United Nations, and Meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook enforce.

Elon Musk’s take over of X (formerly Twitter) had brought a resounding change in what the microblogging platform call foul. Many have criticized X for now being tolerant to what they classify as hate speech and abuse, saying the site would soon meet its demise. Since then many had boycotted the platform in protest, but the situation is that they still need a platform that could give them the services X once offered.

A lot still has to be done before Threads is able to compete with the giant X, but Meta has promised they are working on that.

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