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“Bob Risky’s male biological genital characteristics remained unchanged” NCoS confirms after a thorough test

Amid the view of the ongoing saga of Bob Risky’s true séx, the Nigerian Correctional Service has confirmed that the Crossdresser Is still a man.


Since Bob Risky was sentenced, concern has risen about his genital reputation following how he had on several occasions revealed that he had gotten rid of his male genital organ.

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However, after he identified as a man in the Lagos High Court during his sentencing, the Nigerian Correctional Services was forced to conduct a thorough test.

He was examined and confirmed to be a man after his biological male genitalia remained intact.

The Nigerian Correctional Service made an official statement declaring that after a thorough exploration, his genital remained intact.

The statement reads:

“After a thorough examination, it was revealed there was no evidence of gender or genital organ realignment. Bob Risky’s male biological characteristics remained unchanged”

Recall that Bob Risky was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison with no option to bail after he pleaded guilty to six major charges of Money laundering and mutilation.

See the photograph below;

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