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“God once joined me and my wife for a tea feast and drank one cup” – Pastor Adeboye

Nigerian Popular Cleric, Pastor Adeboye has once more sparked debates and doubt among Nigerians following the view of his recent claim and revelation.


The Cleric who had earned the reputation of always speaking with God, in his recent sermon, disclosed his encounter with God.

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According to him, God once joined him and his wife at a tea breakfast where he also gulped from their cups.

Explaining his encounter, he disclosed that God once visited them while they were portraying a tea feast. However, he asserted that he never showed up physically but gulped from their tea cup which he noticed from his wife’s approach.

After he had noticed the incredible encounter with God, he listened and Voice told him that God had joined them for the dinner as they inclined before the feast.

His words:

“I was in Ilorin years ago and we were having breakfast. There is a pot in which we make tea. If I remember correctly, there were five cups and my wife and I, the person who finished their first two got the last cup.”

“So I took one, she took one, I took one, and she took one and I picked the pot to take the third one and the cup was empty.”

“I couldn’t remember when she took the third one. What happened to my tea? And I heard the voice of the Lord loud and clear and it said, “Son when you prayed, you invited me to join you”

The view of this got many concerned civilians in doubt resulting in massive trolls directed at the cleric.

Watch video below;

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