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How A Woman Saw A Walking Skeleton

The logic stated spirits doesn’t exist is clearly not accepted in this case. People would say, it’s only in movies spirits occur but it’s clearly a wrong belief too. Some spirits are not at rest according to proves and experiences from eyewitnesses. This created tremendous puzzlement as they walk around the globe, involved in many human activities and even talk. The bible once said: after death comes judgment but the mystery acts from the spirits engulfed people’s sentiment as they got more confused.


Days passed, months have gone, years counted, we keep getting more puzzled as their stories kept boosting the air via social media, where news on the activities of the spirits covers the whole news headlines either from the people nor news platforms.

The trending news being primitive to the mystery of the spirits, explains how a friend encountered his friend’s ghost. Along the way, the ghost stopped him and handled his whole gold chains whort about 45.6 million right inside his hand and told him to give them to his mom and left. The young man thought his friend was alive until he messaged his immediate brother who informed him he had died many days ago and has been registered to the mortuary. What does this show? There’s no doubt, spirits exist.

People would always claim that nights are the most favorable hours for the spirits, for they feel no human comes out. This is why parents or guardians keep warning the children to stay away from nights. In some respective homes, during the night, before going to bed. If they don’t have toilets inside their apartment, they would go in with buckets so to avoid the risk of coming out at night either to excrete urine or spit out saliva. In the same situation, some still doubt they don’t exist and come out at night each time they feel like.

To prove they exist, you should now see what happened to a woman ignoramus who never believed spirits exist at night.

In Nsukka at Enugu state Nigeria. A woman named Ugwu Chinasa Agnes who strongly believed spirits never existed at nights, shared her encounter with a spirit. According to her, she said she was a woman who never feard people’s comments and caution about nights. She would come out and excrete urine each time she feels so, she has been doing it for years and proved to many the reason they should never believe spirits exist.

One day they proved her wrong, she woke up exactly 1:26 am fearless, opened her door, went near a bush and started excretion. On the process, a skeleton passed near her very swiftly.

“I stood still and saw it walking, I was shocked but what got me, even more, was that I couldn’t scream or run,” said the woman.

Screaming wasn’t possible for her, she couldn’t move too.

This also shows they have powers. It always a mystery to the people, nobody knows what happens underworld as they state.

Looking at what happens around you and the stories you hear almost every month about spirits, you would confirm they actually exist.

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