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“I don’t believe in religion” Comic Actor, Macaroni discuss his faith

Nigerian Comic actor, Macaroni has soared people through his faith which has sparked a heavy reaction so far.


The Nigerian Comic sensation who has been dominant in his field last time discussed his faith while declaring that he doesn’t believe in any religion.

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According to him, life is at its stakes and would always go as nature intel and further disclosed that there will always be bad days and good times.

Adding to his claim, he disclosed that some people are not religious but they are still successful.

His words:

“Early 2019 I was depressed, End SARs for me was touching for me because a lot of people that love me then did not love me again because of my participation and involvement”.

“Survival mentality in Nigeria is a curse, if you fit survive for Naija, you fit survive everywhere…….When I wake up every morning, I pray to God and tell him that anything that I’m going to do that will ruin the life of another person, I don’t want to do it”.

“A religion of love and peace. I have always known that I will be successful. I have a lot of Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists that are doing very well. There are lots of people that are not worshipping any God and are very successful”.

“Most of the countries that are succeeding in the world did not leave their future in the train of religion, they have struggled for their success, future, prosperity. They have a system that works”.

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

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