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“People die every day but we mourn only celebrities” Nollywood Icon, Ugezu J. Ugezu reacts to the death of Junior Pope

Nollywood icon, Ugezu J. Ugezu has bidded his utterances on the ongoing saga of the Late Junior Pope as he was keen on defending the image of Nollywood.


In recent hours, veteran Nigerian Actor, Junior Pope drowned to death while on set shooting a movie role.

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Controversies linked to his death sparked reactions and battles among celebrities including civilians as they strived to know the real cause of the Actor’s death.

This stretched blame to Nollywood following how several grieving civilians deployed all their grieves on the Image of Nollywood with the claim that they are pretty much ignorant.

While everyone blamed one another, the veteran Actor had another view. According to him, death is universal and this toll always transpires every single day but most often people experience famous people’s death because they are popular.

He debunked that it’s not a Nollywood disaster adding that it’s just a constant mystery that happens daily but people mostly value the death of a famous one.

His words:

“If only you knew how many bankers who kpai every week…if only you knew how many police officers who kpai every month…if only you knew how many pastors/priests who kpai every month…if only we have a clear data on citizens that kpai monthly, we may settle down and understand the systematic destruction of the health sector. Entertainers are domiciled publicly and theirs go viral always. Time has come to expunge spiritualism from clear system failure. It is not just a Nollywood disaster like many allude. IT IS A GENERAL SYSTEM DISASTER.”

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

See his post below;

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  1. Cheery

    1 month ago

    Oga go hush and rest. My friend’s dad died, were u there to mourn with her? But I was there. Pope just died, you’re mourning him. Abeg getat werey. If a celebrity kick 🪣 don’t u expect the world to hear it? Person go just open mouth deyy talk shii


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