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Abba Mohammed reads the preliminary objections filed against Peter Obi, LP fails to supply particulars for alleged vote reduction

One of the five justices identified as Abba Mohammed has read the ruling on vital preliminary objections filed by the respondents against Labour Party Candidate, Peter Obi‘s petition.


According to Respondents, Peter Obi’s petition alleged the cruel spread of irregularities without specifying the affected polling units as linked to vote counts.

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The petition also asserted that corrupt election results were submitted to the INEC Board and portal without specifying which polling units they operated via an advanced forgery.

In the phase of overvoting, the petition also promoted alleged rigging as the election experienced overvoting but was unable to specify the polling units.

The petitioners representing the Labour Party as disclosed by Justice Mohammed only made ‘generic allegations’

Other sources disclosed that The Labour Party petitioners spot idiosyncrasy and will use “spreadsheets, inspection reports, and forensic analysis” as evidence in the trial.

Meanwhile, the reduction of votes has assumed a huge space in the petition as the Labour Party believes that INEC extracted their scores and added them to APC votes however they failed to supply evidence of what they scored before the reductions allegation and also failed to supply the polling units where it transpired.

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