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Actions That Causes Infertility You May Not Know

Infertility has since the core of the peak of humanity played a vital role in destroying several unions and inflicting pain in the hearts of many who had craved the fruit of the womb.


This also spanned to several theories made by the medical team that has quite explained why many are termed ‘Infertile’

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Despite the compiled view of this, many victims destroyed their fertility through the actions they portrayed or portray while living their youth or teenage.

This will strongly swerve into the men and women category where we have been able to record incredible cases of infertility. It’s important to note and digest that there are several actions we portray that destroy the fertility potential.

This is the peak reason we have gathered them so that you can avoid characterizing the actions and boost your fertility.

Soda Drinks

As satisfying as it is, soda Drinks have been the peak pinnacle that sparks infertility in men.

This is because soft drinks mostly referred to as soda drinks contain a substance identified as ‘Aspartame’.

Aspartame serves as a sweetener in most drinks and has been confirmed by medical teams to be cruel to the endocrine gland as they have most often been termed dangerous to it.

They alter the efficiency of the endocrine system which will lead to the generation of free radicals that will lead to the death of sperm Cells.

While consuming soda drinks, make sure you don’t advance to addiction.

Excessive workout in women

Keeping the body fit is incredibly healthful and boosts the health status of women but at the same phase destroys their fertility ability.

This is astonishingly dangerous as the medical team has long been warned against excessive workouts in women as it has been termed dangerous.

When a lady involves herself in an excessive workout session, the Hormones accountable for ovulation such as GnRH, FSH, LH and estradiol are repressed. This will cause ovulatory dysfunction that will lead to infertility.

Unprotected séx

One of the peak causes of Infertility is embedded in disease-causing microorganisms that have wrecked both males and females for a long time.

The likes of fungi, viruses and bacteria are key infections that mostly wreck the fertility potential in both males and women. This is because, once highly profiled diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma and Trichomonas engulf the body cells with their effect they will attack the reproductive systems to the core.

A Precarious disease like chlamydia and gonorrhoea specifically targets the fallopian tube in women once it succeed in the body systems. It will damage the fallopian tube and restrain eggs from colliding with the sperm for possible fertilization.

Abstain from unprotected sexual intimacy and medically treat any form of microorganism disease symptoms.

Drug addiction

This action plays a vital role in this category and has long sparked infertility since the peak of humanity.

Drug addiction refers to the incessant disease portrayed by unresistible drug cravings and uses that are compulsive, or difficult to control, despite their harmful side effects.

Despite the view of its multiple side effects, infertility has been a peak effect among victims which has drained an enormous reproductive health.

Drug addicts who prey on heroin, Vicodin, and OxyContin mostly suffer from Infertility because hard drugs suppress the GnRH hormone, which is usually produced by the pituitary gland. This in turn will trigger the production of hormones required for sperm production in men.

Abstain from hard drug intake. If you are an addict already, seek rehabilitation.


Another addiction termed smoking in both males and females has long sparked infertility.

This is because in most cases, it doesn’t only damage the lungs in the body of its victim but also stretches to the phase where the reproductive system is incredibly damaged.

According to the medical team, exposure to tobacco or a large intake of it reduces the count and quality of sperm that is capable of aiding fertilization.

This occurs when the DNA of a man’s sperm is ravaged by smoking influence.

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