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Mdundo Freshout Podcast: I Encourage DJs To Start Charging Per Hour – DJ Tohbahd

In the vibrant world of music, DJs occupy a special place, often overlooked yet undeniably crucial. They are the architects of pulsating rhythms and electrifying energy, the unsung heroes who keep the party pulsating with life. But what transpires behind the scenes, in the dimly lit booths amidst a labyrinth of wires and equipment? What untold stories and captivating experiences do DJs hold within?


In this captivating episode of the Freshout Podcast, DJ TohBahd unveils a treasure trove of hilarious moments while sharing his bold vision for revolutionizing the DJ industry. He proposes groundbreaking approaches to DJ service pricing, artistic refinement, and maintaining the pinnacle of success.

The Freshout podcast emerges as a refreshing breath of air in the DJ realm. It serves as a platform for DJs to exchange experiences, foster connections, and elevate their profession. It serves as a stark reminder that DJs transcend mere entertainers; they embody artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators who play a pivotal role in shaping the soundscape that enriches our lives.

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