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Daniel Dubois’ coach angry at Jarrell Miller and crew

Daniel Dubois’ coach, Don Charles, made it clear recently that he was still angry at Jarrell Miller’s team, following several post-match statements he disliked.


His statement came while he was speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, after Dubois his client beat Jarrell Miller so brutally that the coach ran to the rescue and ended the match in Dubois’ favour.

Now it happened after the match that Charles refused to shake hands with Miller’s trainer out of what he later revealed to be anger.

‘Yeah because all week they’ve been taunting Daniel and myself to a certain degree,’ Charles said to Pro Boxing Fans. ‘Don’t say all the horrible, nasty, vile things you been saying then you want to come and shake my hand, no.

‘I’m an old guy, I’m 62 years old, don’t insult me then come and shake my hand afterward, no.’

Maybe a sincere apology from Miller’s camp will end this bad feeling.

Miller’s character recently pushed Barry McGuigan to say that such a person should not be among the fighters in professional boxing.

Following the match, Dubois made the following comment after suffering lots of bad statements from Miller’s camp:

‘It really mattered and that was a big moment. It was a great fight and I’m glad I came through it. I showed my heart.

‘I knew I had to get out there and work. This was an important win for me.

‘I had to prove it to myself, I had to show myself that I was a real fighter. The confidence that I might have been missing before, I gained it tonight.’

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