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Deontay Wilder adviced by Carl Froch: ‘He’s a lover’

Carl Froch
Carl Froch

Boxing analyst and commentator Carl Froch had some advice for former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder recently, amid the ripples of Wilder’s loss to Joseph Parker on December 23.


Wilder got dethroned after losing twice to Tyson Fury in their trilogy fight, and looked a shadow of himself while fighting Parker in the recent bout.

Froch’s opinion was uniform with that of many, but the Hall of Famer also mentioned something that few, if any, have talked about.

The Brit told Lord Ping that Deontay Wilder’s use of ayahuasca has affected his boxing negatively, and that the former champion had nothing better to do than to hang the gloves.

Ayahuasca is a substance made from plant components which is used for religious reasons, magical reasons, and the treatment of depression and other things.

‘[Taking ayahuasca is] kind of like being [in] a lucid dream,’ Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., chief medical officer at Rythmia Life Advancement Center once said to Forbes Health. ‘You’re witnessing things, maybe talking to people. Some people don’t have visuals, but information is coming to the person individually, like maybe an answer to a question they have or hints toward a choice they’re making.’

Froch said the champion used the substance.

‘I think ayahuasca affected Deontay Wilder’s performance, I think it took away his killer instinct and the desire to cause damage.

‘I think it chilled him out too much, it’s not good for you. Bad move that. I think he should retire now, he’s lost to Joseph Parker, who lost to Dillian Whyte, come on.

‘He’s going on as well in age, he’s made plenty of money, he’s in touch with his spiritual side now and it’s put him at peace, but he’s no longer in a fighter’s frame of mind. He’s a lover.’

An assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, Ryan Sultán, said the following while speaking to Forbes Health:

‘While ayahuasca offers intriguing potential for mental health treatment, it’s a complex substance that requires careful consideration and guidance.

‘Research is still in the early phases, so it’s vital to approach its use cautiously, preferably under professional supervision.’

You can read more about ayahuasca here

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