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PFL: famous African athlete to head PFL Africa

The CEO of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Peter Murray, has announced that a renowned African athlete will be the chairman of their new branch set to be established on the continent.


All this comes in the wake of a stunning performance displayed by debutant boxer Francis Ngannou during his boxing debut on October 28, in which he knocked down WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the third round of the ten-round match. The other surprising thing the Cameroonian debutant did was that he stood strong against the champion throughout the ten rounds, landing heavy blows and staying largely out of trouble. Pundits and fans have been talking about it for weeks now.

Peter Murray said recently that Ngannou was going to be the chairman of PFL Africa in the future, saying, ‘That’ll be a big part of his legacy in terms of paving the way for the next great athletes and fighters from the continent of Africa. Francis is incredibly passionate about that.’

Francis Ngannou left the Ultimate Fighters League (UFC) a few months ago following a fallout over contracts and pay. Also, his signing up with the PFL helps him feature in both MMA events and boxing without running afoul of Dana White, the CEO of the UFC.

In his statement concerning the bout between Ngannou and Fury, Murray said, ‘He [Ngannou] put on an incredible performance.

‘We all know that, and he really won that fight. He won everybody’s hearts, proved everybody wrong, so now it’s on to the next chapter and next year.

‘We launch our pay-per-view division. Francis will be a big part of that. He’ll return to the cage with the PFL. We’ll be announcing those details, I would say, in the coming weeks in terms of an opponent and timing. We’re working through that.

‘And Francis is gonna continue to box. We’ll see if there’s a rematch. I know there’s a number of big-time boxers who now saw that Francis is the best combat sports athlete on the planet and has all the skill in the world in boxing. It’s gonna be exciting to watch.’

Unless Ngannou loses any matches in the near future, the PFL will earn a lot through him in pay-per-view.

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