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Teddy Atlas sides with Mike Tyson’s ‘The Mexican Monster’ ahead of 2024

Teddy Atlas predicted what would happen in the fight between undisputed super middleweight champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, whom Mike Tyson called The Mexican Monster, and contender David Benavidez. Atlas sided with the Alvarez and gave his reason.


Speaking in his You Tube video, Atlas brought up Benavidez’ recent win against a big fish Demetrius Andrade who some believe was a tough wood to split.

‘The punches he [Benavidez] took, some of them were good punches by Andrade that would’ve affected a lot of other guys.

‘You can say well Benavidez benefitted from being bigger, he also benefited from being Benavidez – a determined, proud guy that has a constitution and mindset that he refuses to be hurt …

‘That resolve that top guys who have great chins have to have. “I refuse to allow this to impact me, and if it does I’ll push past it.”’

TalkSport’s Michael Benson tweeted three days ago that there might be a fight between Benavidez and Alvarez next year. Alvarez will reportedly fight at least twice in 2024.

‘I’ll put it out there – I don’t know if he can do that with Canelo,’ continued Atlas. ‘I don’t know if he can if he ever fights Canelo.

‘If Canelo’s gonna call himself the best Mexican and the top 168 pounder, he has to fight Benavidez to justify that.’

Benson tweeted, ‘Jaime Mungula, Jermall Charlo and Terence Crawford are reportedly potential opponents for Canelo Alvarez in May, with David Benavidez a potential opponent in September [according to @ESPNKnockout.’

In his video, Atlas went on to say, ‘Don’t think so quickly that if Benavidez fights Canelo he can just walk forward the way he did with Andrade.

‘Because the punches that will land on him will have more consequence, they will have more impact, they will be harder.’

Mike Tyson called Alvarez The Mexican Monster after watching the super middleweight’s performance. Alvarez will hope to prove he is worthy of the attention next year as he will continue his title defense.

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