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Tony Bellew: Boxers can get into coma for blows received

Tony Bellew shed more light into what boxers get in the ring from fellow boxers, including the likely results of blows they take while competing.


The boxer retired after suffering a knockout defeat against Ukraine’s Oleksander Usyk.

‘My body stopped me,’ Bellew revealed. ‘It’s so dangerous. A professional boxer, it’s estimated, will get hit in the head 50,000 times a year. Times that by 12, 1.1 million times in the head I’ve been punched. That’s going to catch up with me at some point.’

Some think the number Bellew gave was slightly inflated, but that he was not far from facts.

‘I can accept that [damage],’ he said. ‘I knew when I got into it. I was one of the boxers where I know what I’m signing up for. When fighters start going, “I shouldn’t have to feel this,” I signed up for this, this is what I’m about, this is what I do.’

These statements gave spectators insight into what a future athlete of the sport should expect. Though the revelation is likely to Kindle fear and worry in the hearts of either future pugilists or their families, one can say they know what to expect before accepting the sport as a profession for themselves or others.

Another thing Bellew said was, ‘If tomorrow I go into a coma because of the punches I’ve took, that’s on me, I’m not suing no-one because it isn’t their fault. I chose to get in. I used to say to my wife, “I’m in a bad one tonight I’m going to get hurt at some point.” And she would know. So you’ve just got to accept.’

Bellew’s wife, Rachael, spoke about her husband in the past, showing support for the path her husband chose to walk. One of the things Mr. Bellew does now is reality shows.

Rachael Bellew shared her feelings about a certain incident: ‘Ant [Tony] plays the macho man, but he’s a big softie. I bet he’s more scared than he looks in the trials. In the snake trial, you could tell he was petrified and I’m sure he’ll get a bit of ribbing for that when he gets out. But he’s not a quitter. Joking aside, we’re all really proud of him.’

A report came some time ago which was worthy of a romantic movie plot. It said that the date on Tony Bellew’s strong chest was that of the first day he kissed fair Rachael.

Rachael reacted: ‘I swear that date’s wrong. He insists not, so I play along – but it’s a good job I wasn’t hiding in the bush. I’d have corrected him!

It’s a long time ago now, and we’ve had our ups and downs – before kids… with kids – but we’ve stuck it out and it’s worked out for us.

I texted him before he went in to say I was proud of him for doing the show, and joking that I’d be there on the rope bridge in something glam.

‘If he did win I’d be buzzing, but there’s no way I’d let it go to his head. I’d have that crown right off him.

‘I’d tell him I was really proud of him – then ask him to ring the man we need to fix our front door.’

Tony Bellew continues to use his 20-knockout accomplishment and his being a world cruiserweight champion to make ends meet after hanging the gloves.

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