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Lightweight boxing sensation, Shakur Stevenson chooses next opponent

Undefeated lightweight boxing champion, Shakur Stevenson disclosed his wish-opponent while talking to Millon Dollaz Worth of Game recently. If the fight held, it will have the potential to be noisier  than Tyson Fury versus Francis Ngannou.


Stevenson has thus far been undefeated in the world lightweight class, but rules this peak alongside another fighter whose name is more famous. To clarify who should be the undisputed king of the jungle, both superstars might face each other in the ring. This other fighter is none other than Gervonta Davis.

‘Honestly, me and Tank [Davis] is the best fight,’ Stevenson dreamed at Millon Dollaz Worth of Game. ‘You could name 15 other fighters but there’s one fight that truthfully needs to happen in boxing.’

One of the factors that would make the fixing of the fight easy is the cash that would be involved. Gervonta Davis attracts lots of viewers on pay-per-view, and the fight will be between undefeated millennial, whose exploits in the ring have fans and pundits dreaming of what they might achieve.

What either would receive is less likely to scatter things during negotiations, since Stevenson’s humble submission seems to have stricken that out. If Gervonta Davis makes a respectable offer, it is more likely the Lightweight champion would accept.

‘I’mma tell you the truth. I’m not Tank. He’s the big star,’ admitted Stevenson. ‘He’s the pay-per-view star. I can’t throw no offers to Tank. Who am I to throw an offer to the biggest star in boxing? What am I going to offer him? It don’t make sense. That would have to be on their part, on their team to want to do that.

‘I want to do that. I would love that fight. I think that’s the best fight in boxing, if we speaking skills-wise. He’s not gonna tell y’all that because however he be thinking the way that he think. But me, truthfully, I think that’s the best fight in boxing and I want to prove to the world who I truly am.’

Heavyweight champions, Tyson Fury and Olexandr Usyk have been unable to agree on a deal because none none of them would bring himself down like Stevenson. Fury assumes he should call the shots, while Usyk thinks the opposite.

What fans would love to observe in the match between Stevenson and Davis is the clash of their entertaining skills. Tyson Fury and several in the heavyweight class do not practice the art of evasion as crisply as the likes of Shakur Stevenson, who is esteemed one of the most intelligent boxers of the time. Something Fury will continue to be unqualified for as he proceeds with letting himself get hit too often. These youths are going to thrill both young and old fans alike.

The CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe agrees that the fight is longed-for by Stevenson’s team. It is unlikely Gervonta Davis will find a way to make this fight end in the imagination.

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