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Manchester City burdened with serious breach charges

Manchester City is yet to hear the end of investigations into the 115 charges standing against them before the Premier League.


Though next year’s autumn has been chosen as the time for ending the procedure, it is believed that City might enjoy the fruits of their alleged sins for two whole seasons.

In reaction to a formal statement released by the Premier League stating the perimeters of the allegations, City had given a statement a part of which read, ‘Manchester City FC is surprised by the issuing of these alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials that the EPL has been provided with.’

What actually did the Premier League say they did?

The statement from Premier League had read, ‘In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules by Manchester City Football Club (Club) to a Commission under Premier League Rule W.3.4.

‘Commissions are independent of the Premier League and member clubs. The members of the Commission will be appointed by the independent Chair of the Premier League Judicial Panel, in accordance with Premier League Rules W.19, W.20 and W.26.

‘The proceedings before the Commission will, in accordance with Premier League Rule W.82, be confidential and heard in private. Under Premier League Rule W.82.2, the Commission’s final award will be published on the Premier League’s website.

‘This confirmation is made in accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1. The Premier League will be making no further comment in respect of this matter until further notice.’

In reaction, Pep Guardiola the club’s main tactician had said, ‘We are innocent until guilt is proved. I know the people want it [City punished]. I know, I feel it. I will wait and see, and after the sentence has been done we will come here and explain

‘Absolutely, I will not consider my future (if) it depends being here or being in League One. There is more chance to stay if we are in League One than if we were in the Champions League.’

Witnesses are still submitting their accusations against the club, while others might be digging for more.

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