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Why Binance is discontinuing its Nigerian Naira (NGN) services

Sources have confirmed that Binance will discontinue its Naira (NGN) services in response to regulatory services in Nigeria.


By Thursday 7th, the Cryptocurrency will begin discrediting any transaction linked to any Nigerian spot trade pair.

Users are advised to trade, withdraw, or convert their NGN assets into crypto before the services will be withheld.

This is because, on Friday, any remaining NGN balance will be converted to USDT.

On Wednesday, Binance delisted NGN services on its auto-invest tool and removed the currency from the list of supported payment options on Binance Pay.

Why Binance is discontinuing its Nigerian Naira (NGN) services

The peak reason for this was deployed by the Nigerian government which imposed restrictions on both local and foreign exchange. This has so far left Nigerian users with difficulties accessing their Binance Website.

Dollar crisis

This directly originated from their concern over how Naira has continued to retard in value at all dimensions in the stock market.

The exchange rate in Buhari’s administration started soaring astonishingly breaching over 600 per 1 dollar to what seemed to be an unreversable state so far.

After what seemed to be an eternity of anticipation and optimism, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s administration foresaw traders exchanging dollars for a tally of 1500 each for the first time in the history of the Nigerian exchange rate.

Since this encounter, Nigerians have continued to experience a rise in the exchange rate following how the current rate is exchanged at 1700 per dollar today.

This also thrust multiple Nigerian traders into converting their NGN currency into foreign currencies resulting in an enormous number of alleged illegal currency breaches as observed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The value of Naira has also continued to plummet over the grand of the influence and the Federal Government is not pleased with the situation.

Binance saga

Last week, the central bank of Nigeria accused Binance of illicit money flow from multiple Nigerian users who cannot be identified as exceeding $26 billion was a major concern.

This came shortly after CBN observed and publicized that they were losing so much taxes from unregistered crypto exchanges.

This was followed by the reported detention of two Binance officials after they were invited to Nigeria to discuss the regulatory restrictions.

Other sources disclosed that the officials were held because Binance operated illegally in Nigeria. This spanned over to the speculations promoting that the detained officials may face charges following currency manipulation, Tax evasion, and illegal operations. However, Legal charges have not been filed as of the moment.

Multiple sources also disclosed that the federal government demanded $10 billion compensation as of the peak time of the saga but both parties have denied the claim.

The dispute is between Binance and Africa’s top Crypto market. In the recent trend, the Nigerian Parliament spiced the feud by threatening to issue a warrant of arrest for the company’s executives. They also summoned Binance CEO who is identified as Richard Teng to provide an understandable explanation as the investigation against money laundering continues to excel.

Since this transpired, Nigerian business moguls are at the peak of panicking.

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