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Breaking News: Police exhumes Mohbad’s remains, detains viral Nurse that injected him before death (Video)

Amid the heated saga of Mohbad’s death, the Lagos Police Department has announced that they have successfully exhumed his body for an autopsy.


Despite speculations that circulated yesterday, Mohbad’s body has been officially exhumed by the authorities after a well-time investigation.

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Mohbad died on Tuesday and has since then accumulated a lot of controversy since his passing following how we are yet to figure out what took his life.

Several sources are linking his death to alleged charm, ear infection complications, injection and bullying but still, we are yet to confirm the cause of his death.

As of today, his grave has started decomposing and many have spotted several pieces of pieces of evidence to prove that the singer really needs Justice.

Since the Nigerian police department started off its investigations, they have arrested the likes of Mohbad’s parents and his wife.

Today, reports have also disclosed that the viral nurse who injected him while he was about to die has been detained also for questioning.

Watch videos below;

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