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“He is seriously in need of a Kidney donor” Crossdresser, Jay Boogie’s failed BBL gets worst as his two kidneys declines

Nigerian crossdresser has been struck negatively with nature following the view of his current ailment and battle with kidney diseases.


Recall that in the recent trend the Nigerian crossdresser, Jay Boogie publicly sought financial support disclosing that she spent a shopping number of 600k on dialysis exhausting his financial fair.

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This transpired shortly after he called out a physician for deploying a bizarre BBL plastic surgery that breached the phase of affecting his Kidney.

Today, Doctor Nkechi has updated the public mass with the status of his condition.

According to her revelation, Jay Boogie has lost his two kidneys and is currently in search of Kidney donors for an immediate Kidney transparent.

Her words:

“At this stage, Jayboogie needs a kidney transplant! both kidneys have failed! We prayed and wished it never got to this stage but this is it!!!”

Some Nigerians believe he is currently suffering possible repercussions as is a taboo to crossdress in Nigeria.

See photographs below;

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  1. Emmanuel Eko

    8 months ago

    He enjoys what he’s doing so let him accept his faith.God made you a perfect man and you say He is wrong at His creation,you want to be a woman.So be it. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Accept him and he will come to you. What he needs is Jesus. If done his health will be restored.


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