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See what William Uchemba said about Nigerian Ladies in the Gym

Nollywood veteran, William Uchemba has expressed his displeasure with the Nigerian Lady’s dress sense in the Gym.


The Nigerian married man who was spotted fuming detailed that it has gone beyond resistance and appalling.

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He queried why Ladies had decided to distract all men from going to heaven, however, he vowed not to fall to their temptation.

According to him, Nigerian Ladies should dress properly in the Gym because they are distracting men who have vowed to go to heaven.

Finalising his claim, he outlined that he has set up his own Gym in his house to avoid falling for their temptation.

His words:

“Ladies, should all the men stop coming to the gym? Because your indecent dressing is getting out of hand. It’s becoming appalling. I’m tired.”

“Please, try and dress decently to the gym. There are men that are determined to make heaven, please don’t distract us. Everytime one comes to the gym, he is forced to see what he didn’t intend to see.

“You ladies have made up your mind to prevent Nigerian men from going to heaven but it won’t work because I’ve left the gym. I’ve set up a gym in my house because I cannot cope. I want to make heaven.”

Nigerians joined in the conversation and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

Watch video below;

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