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TRENDING: The real reason behind Verydarkman and Nastyblaq’s current online clash

Following the view of the saga between, BBN Queen and Comic Actor, Lord Lamba, the likes of Verydarkman and Nastyblaq have clashed via their grands.


Following the status of the heated saga of Baby Mama and child ownership, Nastyblaq and Queen collaborated and released comic content that allegedly linked to the trending story of Lamba’s costly mistake which indirectly mocked him as disclosed by many sources.

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In the viral video, Nastyblaq had impregnated Queen who was not willing to have a child. She asked for the child to be aborted but the price tag of the medical approach worth over 11 million encouraged them to embrace parenthood.

The clip exposed clearly that the toddler used in the content was actually Lamba’s child whom he has often protected from the public mass.

While everyone enjoyed the clip, Verydarkman was not impressed. He made a whole video breaching 7 minutes addressing the saga.

According to him, Nastyblaq disrespected Lord Lamba by collaborating with his Baby Mama and creating content that was relatable to his current feud with Queen.

He backlashed him even more openly that civilians reached out to Nastyblaq who clapped back via an Instagram Live section with his fans.

According to his utterances, he never intended to mock Lord Lamba with his content as he was just keen on discrediting abortion in society with his content.

He swerved his point to Verydarkman’s grand and confidently bragged that he was not going to reply to him because he is way bigger than him.

Verydarkman didn’t hesitate to clap back, recalling and publicising his relationship with him which swerved heated.

Nigerians have been in constant reactions as they detail their views according to their feelings.

Watch video below;

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