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Embezzlement: New Jersey to return over $10 million funds looted during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime

What seemed to be a relief or boost will transpire as an alleged looted Nigerian fund worth over $6.9 – $8.9 will be returned to the country.


The Nigerian recession and other complications draining its economic growth have always been linked to money embezzlement and looting linked under the control of people in power.

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Several verified stories have mostly identified that these money embezzlers often loot the nation’s funds to European countries away from Africa resulting in the crack of the economy in all aspects.

Over the years, since the reign of the ex-Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan and his administration, civilians were not enlightened with the view of embezzlement until the New Jersey administration intervened disclosing that there were quite a convincing number of looting during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime.

This was because they were able to identify an illegal deposit of heavy funds in an undisclosed bank account after years of investigation. This however led to the Royal court where justice skidded in Nigeria Favour.

According to sources, the New Jersey Attorney General disclosed that the inappropriate deposit of funds to Jersey’s account was misappropriated in 2014.

Good luck Jonathan ruled for 5 years before he was democratically defeated by Mohammadu Buhari. Within the years 2009 to 2015, he suffered a lot of pressure generated by insecurities mostly linked to the mass bombing of the terrorist group, ‘Boko Haram’.

In this era, a vast number of funds aligned to weapons and the welfare of affected victims were allegedly looted as disclosed by several sources.

New Jersey, Today, has confirmed that they are willing to return the looted Nigerian Fund worth $6.9 – $8.9 million.

This was inspired by the recent collaboration between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other verified countries including New Jersey as they verge on recovering stolen funds of the nation.

New Jersey Attorney General, Mark Temple KC identified the situation as his priority after further disclosing his plans over the saga.

His words:

“This case again demonstrates the effectiveness of the 2018 Forfeiture Law in recovering the proceeds of corruption and restoring that money to victims of crime.”

“I now intend to negotiate an asset return agreement with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Nigerians have been in a massive reaction since the news engulfed all the trending space of social media platforms.

As reactions are getting heated among civilians, what is your view on this controversy?

Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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