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“Pray for my mother” Ex-Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan seeks prayers from Nigerians as his mother tensions over family tragedy

Nigerian ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan Ebele has called on Nigerians to pray for him after yet a tragic downpour.


The cry for prayers is prompted by his mother who he described as currently tensed over the death of her daughter who was supposed to bury her as disclosed by him.

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He added that since the death of his sister, his mother has been on a high level of tension that requires prayers to revive her life.

His words:

“Death, as they say, is something we all pass through. But the time it comes also matters. Yes, we will all die someday but the time matters.”

“My elder sister died at a time that we can gather these celebrities to celebrate her, but that our mother is to mourn her is the nasty aspect of the whole thing.”

“My mother has lost her first child that ought to mourn her when God calls her. I have to sincerely thank the Bayelsa State First Lady and other women who came around her because I was then in London.”

“If you knew what she used to be and what she is now, you would know that she is still traumatised. So continue to pray for my mum. God will see us through. I thank you.”

Nigerians stormed all the social media platforms and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.

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  1. Nelson

    2 months ago

    She’ll live sir


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