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“Most Kidnapping reports on social media are fake” – Nigerian PPRO, Adejobi

Amid the heated saga of abduction crises in Nigeria, the Nigerian (PPRO), Olumuyiwa Adejobi has disclosed that most kidnapping reports spread on social media are fake.


During his recent public interview, he urged Civilians to forgo panicking declaring that most social media reports on the Kidnapping rate in Nigeria are fake.

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His words:

“In most cases, it is the topography of the areas. The kidnapping in Lagos was actually triggered due to the waterways, do you know that the waterway from Lagos leads to Delta, leads to Portharcourt, leads to Bayelsa. It is the same waterway.”

He also tweeted on his X account and disclosed that most of the abduction outbreaks reported online were either staged or faked.

In his words, he wrote:

“Most of the kidnapping cases we read online are not real. They are either staged and faked. We analyse security situations based on empirical facts and figures.

“We will have another forum or many other organised to discuss these concepts of kidnapping, abduction, one change, armed robbery, organised crimes, and arranged assassination.

“These are different concepts or crimes that we need to understand, and the psychology of the perpetrators. No sentiment, but realities.

“Open your mind to discussions and explanations of experts and security operatives for better understandin

In reality, the abduction rate in Nigeria as reported by several sources has grown to a panicking rate since the early peak of 2024.

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