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“Political godfatherism in Nigeria can hardly work outside Yoruba land”- Reno Omokri

London-based Nigerian Author and popular social media influencer, Reno Omokri has attributed the survival of political godfatherism syndrome in Nigeria to the Yorubas.


According to Omokri, the Yoruba people’s ability to uphold their value of respect for elders is a major contributor to the reason the South Western part of the country tends to flourish more in their endeavours.

While listing some successful and prominent Yoruba people as a confirmation of gains made from their loyalty, the UK based author said the syndrome of godfatherism in the Nigerian political sphere can hardly be witnessed in other parts of the country.

Omokri stated these in a recent post in his verified X account.

He said, “political godfatherism in Nigeria can hardly work outside Yoruba land. It can possibly work amongst the Hausa and Fulani. Just possibly. Not certainly. But anywhere else, it is likely to fail. Only the Yoruba have that centuries-old culture of respect for age and authority that makes it possible for a godson to stay loyal to a godfather when he has tasted power.

“Look at the manner in which Governor Biodun Oyebanji prostrated flat for Chief Afe Babalola. And mind you, Chief Afe Babalola is not his political godfather. Oyebanji became Governor courtesy of Bola Tinubu. Yet, he submitted himself to Chief Afe Babalola. That is the Omoluabi culture that made Colonel Fajuyi reject the offer to surrender Major General Ironsi to Northern officers and replace him as Military Head of State. He chose to die, rather than abandon his guest. If they reverse was the case, Nigerian history would have been different.

“When General Babangida and his colleagues decided to overthrow President Shehu Shagari, they approached General Obasanjo and told him they would hand power to him. Obasanjo told General IBB and his group that he was very much interested, but he could not accept because he could not in good conscience take power from a man he handed power over to. And that if President Shagari had lost and another President he did not give power to was on the throne, then he could have accepted. Please research it.

“Tinubu installed a total of ten Governors in Lagos, the Southwest, South-South, and North-central, including Fashola, Aregbesola, Amosun, Ajimobi, Fayemi, Oshiomhole, Abiodun, Oyetola, AbdulRazaq, and Ambode. He did not install Akeredolu, but he anointed him.

“Of the ten governors he installed and the eleventh he anointed, none of them turned against him except Ambode, and after he unseated Ambode, he and Ambode reconciled.

“In terms of record sales, Wizkid is the most successful artiste in Africa. Do you know when he began to explode? After he prostrated for Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye, AKA King Sunny Ade. Whilst still prostrated, KSA uttered only three words. He said, ‘God bless you!’

“If you cannot bow to any man then how can you rise by the hand of a man to whom God has given influence? To be anointed, one man must be standing and the other must be bowing. That is how Samuel anointed Saul and David. That is how Elijah anointed Hazael and Jehu.

“And that is how the Archbishop of Canterbury crowned King Charles III. By standing ABOVE him.

“It says a lot about the cultural sophistication of the Yoruba. They are where they are due to respect for age and authority. Respect goes up from the younger Yoruba, and care goes down from the older Yoruba. They have kept their omoluabi culture, and their culture has kept them.

“Like is said two days ago:

“If we were all like Yoruba people on Earth, there would be no war, fight, hatred, and animosity. Everywhere will just be cruise, party, fun, and enjoyment.

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