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A mole was hunted at Tyson Fury’s training camp says manager

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

Manager Spencer Brown unveiled that hunting took place at Tyson Fury’s camp to catch the mole who leaked information to Johnny Nelson.


Nelson recently announced that an insider said WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was not doing well at the training camp. Cruiserweight southpaw Jai Opetaia left the camp for unknown reasons after sparring with Fury, igniting rumours that he might have hurt the champion during training.

The news that came earlier from Fury’s promoter Frank Warren revealed that Fury was hurt during sparring, and therefore would not fight Oleksander Usyk on February 17 as had been planned.

However, Fury’s manager Spencer Brown spoke recently in an attempt to nullify all those assumptions and rumours while speaking to IFL TV.

Concerning the rumours entailing that Opetaia floored Fury, Brown said, ‘It didn’t happen. It didn’t even get anywhere near happening. Tyson was on fire.’

But Brown surprised his listeners while speaking about the rumours by unveiling that a mole hunt took place at the camp later.

His comment was as follows:

‘It beggars belief. We were looking at some of it and laughing our heads off. Some of the crap that’s coming out, there’s old Johnny Nelson, he’s got a mole in our camp and we’ve been digging holes everywhere trying to find the moles.

‘All sorts is coming out. There’s a grass in the camp, an informant, it was like Colditz. All we needed was a Gestapo to find the grass, but we never found them.’

The undisputed bout between Fury and Oleksander Usyk who holds the WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight titles is expected to take place on May 18.

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