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Bob Arum adds suspicious ‘if’ to possibility of undisputed heavyweight bout come May

Tyson Fury’s promoter Bob Arum said that Fury would fight Oleksander Usyk in the undisputed bout on May 18 if a particular thing does not happen.


As fans wait for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury to heal of his brow wound and appear for the match in May 18, rumours are spreading that the fight would not happen, with former boxers Carl Froch and George Groves sounding suspicious of the delay and having little trust in Fury’s people.

Arum’s recent statement included an ‘if’ that resembled a secret reason for a loading further delay.

‘I think that if the scar tissue is not going to affect him, he’ll probably take the chance, because look what happened with the Wallin fight, that was a deep deep cut and didn’t take him long to turn around and to fight Wilder,’ Arum said to Fight Hub.

This suggested that there could still come up a situation where the scar tissue would constitute the reason for an extra delay. If this happened, it would make Froch’s suspicions look true.

During his comments, Arum also said, ‘It’s not that deep a cut, it only took 11 stitches. Usually if the cut’s real deep it’s 20 or 30 stitches so Tyson believes that it’ll take him a month and then he’ll be able to go back in sparring.’

The future will reveal more on this situation.

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