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‘Britain’s Mike Tyson’ grades Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua after sparring both

Moses Itauma who has been nicknamed ‘Britain’s Mike Tyson’ said who the best was between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua after sparring with both men.


People have been talking about a potential fight between Fury and Joshua who are both British heavyweights. Furthermore, many assume that such a fight would favour only Joshua whose second-round knockout of Ngannou still remains the alleged proof.

However, Itauma had something different to say in some areas during his interview with talkSPORT.

Speaking about Fury, Itauma said, ‘No, but he’s so unique. Joshua hit me very hard.

‘I sparred him [Joshua] when I was 16. I only did a couple of rounds, but that was enough.’

Concerning Ngannou versus Fury, Itauma claimed there were things people were not considering when juxtaposing Fury’s performance with Joshua’s.

‘He [Fury] gave me loads of advice. Currently, I think he is No.1. There are so many factors people don’t take into account.

‘Joshua had something to learn off [before fighting Ngannou], Fury never did. Fury was the first person to do that crossover.

‘It was great entertainment. Whether he took it seriously is another thing.’

The 19-year old also said something contrary to how some people viewed sparring sessions.

Instead of fighting to see who knows who out, Itauma liked to do things more skillfully and moderately.

‘I haven’t wobbled,’ he said about the sparrWe’re big guys. All of us have the capability to knock each other out and it only takes one shot.

‘Let’s say, I go in there and I knock someone out in sparring, they can’t spar for six weeks and I’m going to struggle to get a sparring partner.

‘You don’t really learn from knocking people out in sparring.

‘If I go in there, he’s just tapping and I’m trying to knock him out, I’ll look like a… you know.

‘If he goes in there and tries to knock me out, but I’m going easy, it doesn’t make sense. So you have an unspoken agreement.

‘You feel out what the first minute is like and you gauge it from there.’

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