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Derek Chisora leaks how to beat Oleksander Usyk

A former opponent of Oleksander Usyk leaked what he learnt from his bout with the heavyweight champion, pointing out how to outbox the Ukrainian.


Chisora told Up Front with Simon Jordan that he told those secrets to Usyk’s past two opponents, but that his counsel was ignored.

During the bout between Chisora and Usyk was a highly competitive one where Usyk felt how blows from the bigger boys felt.

Coming from being the undisputed world cruiserweight king, Usyk was in the heavyweight division to show the lords of the ring that he belonged in their midst. Who else was given him for a receptionist but bulky Chisora?

Though Usyk won after weathering some of the heaviest blows he had ever encountered, he left Derek Chisora with some of the important lessons he had ever learnt.

‘I showed everybody the blueprint but people chose not to be the way I was,’ claimed Chisora.

Whom did he tell but former unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and another opponent of Usyk’s, Daniel Dubois? Usyk went on to beat the two.

‘Be fit, use your size, that was it. I went to ‘AJ’ I was like ‘make sure you do this after sparring,’ he didn’t do it. I said the same thing to Daniel Dubois, he didn’t do it,’ Chisora recounted what he allegedly instructed them.

‘The thing is with Usyk, when he starts moving his hand up and down, you’re in trouble. When he moves his hand up, just hit him. I knocked him down and they never give it to me.’

Speaking further in the session, Chisora had the following nice things to say about Usyk:

‘He’s good man, he’s amazing. But if you let him be amazing he’s gonna walk all over you.’

Next in Usyk’s way is the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury who holds the one title he must claim to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

The bout is scheduled be held on February 17 in Saudi Arabia.


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