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Isaac Chamberlain accepts Viddal Riley’s challenge

Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Isaac Chamberlain has accepted Viddal Riley’s challenge following the latter’s defeat of Chamberlain’s former opponent, Mikael Lawal.


Riley formerly called out Chamberlain for an all-British boxing bout to the applause of fans, but Chamberlain was not impressed with how the challenger beat Lawal.

Speaking to Sky Sports on the topic, Chamberlain juxtaposed his own performance against Lawal with that of Riley, having found the latter’s underwhelming.

‘I literally tried to negate everything,’ Chamberlain said. ‘I shut him down up close, I pushed him back.

‘[Riley] was just running and going backwards, backwards the whole time. Me, I was forcing it on Lawal, pushing the pace, pushing the pace, feinting all of that.

‘He thought he could do that but he probably couldn’t.’

The British champion boasted that Riley would emerge the loser if that was how the challenger was going to fight in a bout between them. However, Chamberlain went on to accept the challenge.

‘If he fights me like that, I’ll break him.

‘That’s what you’ve been calling for. It’s a big fight, big hype.

‘Let’s go now. You’ve had your little comparison, which failed, miserably. Let’s go. Let’s go now. That’s it.’

What Chamberlain had found unentertaining during Riley versus Lawal could have been one thing he claimed that Riley did.

‘You’re just running and peppering, trying to pepper and using some fake double jab to get away,’ Chamberlain had observed. ‘Bro, at least just plant your feet once and lamp him.

‘This is professional boxing, this is not the amateurs. You can’t just be doing some dancing thing and thinking people are going to enjoy that.’

The time and venue of Riley versus Chamberlain are yet to be realities.

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