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Otto Wallin encouraged by Anthony Joshua’s loss of confidence

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua

Swedish southpaw Otto Wallin recently commented on why he thought he could beat former unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua on December 23, using the Brit’s behaviour during their meetup as one of his reasons.


Anthony Joshua has made himself beatable in the sight of many, not by losing but by moaning. He was under pressure from fans of boxing and was not enjoying competing anymore. Speaking to Boxing Social, Otto Wallin might not have said that this encouraged him, but he likely has that thought.

Wallin to Boxing Social: ‘He’s already been beaten three times. There’s no secret he can get beat. I think that now more than before his mind is in a bad spot.

‘He has too much pressure on his shoulders and he’s feeling it. That’s hard for him. He’s not the champion and that brings him down. It shows with all his different trainers.’

Surprisingly, Anthony Joshua is not doing well under the pressure of no longer being a champion and being called a boxer past his best days. The orthodox fighter has changed trainers time and time again in his attempt to return to respectable spotlight.

‘He’s got a new trainer, short notice, southpaw again, so I didn’t really understand it,’ Wallin said to Boxing Social. ‘I didn’t think they would pick me, I was surprised and I didn’t think it was the best move but I get the chance to beat him and really cement my name up there with the best heavyweights in the world.’

All the noise Joshua is hearing from fans and pundits might have been distabilizing his confidence while he was meeting with Otto Wallin recently, since the Swede went away with a bad testimony.

‘I felt he was stiff, tense and nervous. He seemed very unsure of himself. I think he is a guy that takes himself pretty seriously.

‘He told me not to shake my hand after if I’m talking now so I said I’m not here to make friends, I’m going to do whatever it takes to win this fight.’

It is possible that Wallin said some of the things he said to add to Joshua’s red-hot situation, but the fact is that if there is one fight fans wanted to watch this December, it is Anthony Joshua versus Otto Wallin.

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