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Tommy Fury shares surgery news about five-year-old injury

Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury, shared news of a surgery he had concerning an injury he said had lasted five years.


The professional boxer joined the sport in 2018, and has enjoyed a good level of fame in his career.

Furthermore, he recently said that he sustained an injury in the second year of his professional debut.

‘Since 2019 I have been dealing with a hand injury that I’ve never spoken about/shared online,’ he posted on Instagram. ‘Since my third professional fight I have been trying to manage this injury, training and fighting through extreme pain which led me to often not being able to use my right hand at all.

‘For the last four weeks of my last camp I trained solely with my left hand until fight night. This morning I underwent the surgery I’ve been putting off for years as I know this is the only way my hand will heal and that I can move forward with my boxing career.

‘I’m excited for my recovery journey and so ready to be back feeling and giving 100% in 2024.’

Tyson Fury his brother will fight for the undisputed world heavyweight title on February 17 against Oleksander Usyk. The 24-year-old will still be recovering from both wounds from the surgery and his healing injury by then.

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