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Unified champion Terence Crawford: ‘I need three surgeries’

Unified welterweight boxing champion Terence Crawford’s victory over Errol Spence Jr is under attack after Spence Jr claimed he lost because of an overdue cataract surgery. Crawford has replied to the formerly-undefeated man by revealing that he himself needed three surgeries before the fight among other things.


The way Crawford beat Spence Jr is still being discussed, since both undefeated champions were brought together to know who was the best.

However, following his surprising loss in the one-sided match, Errol Spence Jr claimed that cataract stopped him from seeing clearly during the bout.

In response to the statement, Crawford has replied via his X handle:

‘Last I can recall we definitely get our eyes checked before every fight I’m just saying. Any boxer would know that. But casual fans will say and make up anything.’

‘Yeah, I need 3 surgeries that I haven’t got so do that makes me handicap as well?’

The exact words of Spence Jr that brought the above reply was, ‘Had to get cataract surgery… It’s been past due, s**t was covering my eye. Why do you think I got hit with so many jabs and hooks, still a great performance by bro.’

Furthermore, Crawford still cannot choose to fight anyone else since Spence Jr activated the rematch clause in their fight agreement.

This has cost Crawford the IBF welterweight title since he could not defend it against the mandatory challenger.

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