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World Boxing delivers message to national boxing bodies

World Boxing is looking to get the support it needs to become the body that oversees worldwide boxing.


The IBA who formerly held the position was rejected by the International Olympic Committee in 2019 following the IBA’s failure to undergo reforms on governance.

World Boxing was formed in response to the strained relationship between the International Boxing Association (IBA) and the International Olympic Committee. It aims to campaign for the interests of boxers and promote sustainable, inclusive, and transparent international sports federation. The president of World Boxing is Boris van der Vorst, and it has its headquarters in Renens, Switzerland.

In a message meant for all national boxing bodies, World Boxing tried to tell them there was no other way to get their athletes to the Olympics other than the organization.

‘There is no alternative. The decision by CAS and the comments from the IOC send a clear and unambiguous message to all national federations that if they want boxers from their country to have the life-changing opportunity to continue to compete at future Olympic Games then they must now support and seek to join World Boxing, which is the last remaining hope for the sport to retain its status as an Olympic sport beyond Paris 2024.

‘Any national federation or NOC that continues to think its boxers will have an Olympic future elsewhere and without joining World Boxing is making a grave error that will be ruinous for the sport and hugely damaging for its boxers.

‘For boxing to lose its place at the Olympic Games would be devastating for boxers at all levels in every part of the world. The Olympic Games provides inspiration and an unmatched platform for the sport. Without the Olympic Games, boxing and boxers will suffer. Fewer people will come into the sport at the grassroots and there will be less opportunities for elite boxers. This will damage the sport at every level and cannot be allowed to happen.

‘This is an urgent situation and the clock is ticking. The leaders of boxing’s national federations now have a critically important decision to make and we urge every one of them that cares about boxers and the future of the sport to apply to join and support World Boxing in its efforts to ensure boxing remains at the heart of the Olympic movement, before it is too late.’

The body presently has 27 countries as members.

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