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Erik Ten Hag cautions fans about tragedy chants ahead of Liverpool match

Erik Ten Hag
Erik Ten Hag

Manchester United coach Erik Ten Hag tried to influence fans against using tragedy chants during their future match with Liverpool.


Fans from Liverpool and United are currently being told to stop using chants related to the tragedies that took place at Heysel and Hillsborough during games.

Ten Hag wrote the following at United Review concerning the last match between the two sides:

‘The atmosphere our fans generated was incredible that afternoon.

‘If we can produce the same noise levels around Old Trafford, then we have already seen what a positive force it can be and the impact that it has on the players.

‘As such, it is part of my duty to remind every supporter fortunate enough to be at the game that it must be enjoyed in the proper way, and not used as an excuse for abusing rival fans about Hillsborough, Heysel or any other historic tragedies.

‘This is one of the truly great rivalries in world sport, for so many of the right reasons, and it is our responsibility to keep it that way.

‘Whether the clubs meet at Old Trafford or Anfield, all supporters must focus entirely on backing their team and both Jurgen and I trust that we can count on that happening today [on Sunday].’

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said something about the chants recently during a pre-match press conference.

‘It’s super-important. There are different aspects. One is that I don’t hear it, honestly, when I’m on the sideline.

‘I heard after the game that it happened, and that is obviously not great. In general it’s just helpful that we educate our kids in specific things: respect, understanding, all these kind of things.

‘I just see it that way, that two of the biggest football clubs in the world, let’s just show a bit of class in these moments. So, don’t sing this or sing that, just show class.

‘Have a fight on the pitch, let’s play football, if you want be happy if we lose or whatever, these kinds of things, that’s all fine. But besides that, just show a bit of class. That would be really my wish for all of us.’

Teams from both clubs are working together to stop such chants from being repeated.

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