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Paul Pogba Doping Saga: Graeme Souness lashes out at Pogba, calls him a ‘lazy tw*t’

In the wake of the adverse reports in Paul Pogba’s recent urine analysis, Graeme Souness has lashed out at the football star, saying he is very lazy.


Graeme Souness is a renowned pundit, and was once a player for Liverpool. He knows about the episode between Paul Pogba and Old Trafford that ended in an unfriendly.

Paul Pogba has been less active in the pitch recently because of injuries. One could hyperbolize the situation by saying he keeps going in and out of injuries. Another reason why most would think twice before signing the costly, Italian player.

Pogba’s recent transfer to Juventus has been anything but enjoyable between him and the club. From constant injuries to threats from his own brother and allegedly a certain gang, the player seems to have little time to spare. The recent lab result that says he had a banned substance called Testosterone in his system migh bring the speedy close of his career.

Souness’ accusation of laziness is not that biggest problem in his way now, it is whether the Italian government would prosecute him for doping. He awaits a rerun of the test, and the second result will decide his fate.

According to Souness, ‘[Pogba is] an extremely talented young man. He should be one of the best midfield players in the world, but he’s lazy. If you remember how he used to take penalties. That was him wanting to be the star of the show for that period of time. If he’s lazy in matches he’ll be lazy in training and how can you get after the rest of them if you don’t get after him.”

Then he was asked whether he was sure he was not wrong in his view of Pogba. His answer was, ‘Not for a nanosecond, no, he’s a lazy tw*t.’

Pogba has many around him, though, who want to make sure everything goes well. We can only hope the truth prevails.

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