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Racial Abuse: Super Eagles’ coach Jose Poseiro attacks Napoli’s treatment of Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen in a match against ACF Fiorentina

Coach Jose Poseiro aired his feelings about how Napoli treated Victor Osimhen after the player lost an important penalty kick. One of the videos uploaded by the club that made fun of Osimhen likened the player to a coconut, a deed known to be clearly racist.


The Portuguese coach spoke about how Victor Osimhen feels in the wake of the bad videos while giving an exclusive interview to Sky Sports. In his statement, the coach said, ‘He helps the team to the league, and now they are mocking him?’

Now the veteran coach, who has coached teams around the world in different capacities, understands why such a video could be posted.

‘Osimhen is a star. Two years ago, he was not a star. Now, he is a star. And when you are a star, everybody wants more, more, more,’ went on Poseiro. ‘The others can do bad, but if Osimhen does bad, it is different because people demand more from the players who can do more.

‘It was a bad thing that Napoli did. Of course, he would prefer they do not do it. But my advice is to stay calm. Do not play against the fans. Do not lose balance. Keep the mentality. Keep the personality. That is what the very best players do. And he can be at the top.’

Coach Poseiro painted what it is like when Victor Osimhen visits Nigeria and other places.

‘When Osimhen goes to Nigeria,’ he continued. ‘Everybody wants to touch him or speak with him or wants a picture with him. And not just in Nigeria. Everywhere.’

Recently, Victor Osimhen asked fans to cause no problems between him and the people of Naples. If there is any living player that is most respected in the community, it is Victor Osimhen.

Naples had only paintings of Diego Maradona in the past but has now added those of Victor Osimhen beside the late football legend.

This might be one of the reasons the player will continue to score for the fans, who in turn will have to speak out for the player concerning the shameful treatment the player underwent not long ago.

While talking to Sky Sports, Jose Poseiro threw some light on the kind of player he sees Victor Osimhen to be. He did this when he was explaining why the player did not score more goals at the AFCON qualifiers.

‘The only reason he did not score more was because he allowed his team-mates to take two penalties. My advice would be to take them!

‘Other players would not allow that but if someone asks him to let them take a penalty, he allows it. He is a good guy.

‘He is a strong guy, a smart guy and an amazing player, defensively and offensively. He can do everything. He pressures the centre-backs, he pressures the line by running in behind.

‘He can attack the ball in the air and on the ground. He is motivated, quick and strong.’

Nigeria’s hope seems to rest entirely on Osimhen ahead of the coming AFCON competition, and Jose Poseiro pointed out the teams Nigeria would expect to fight hard with.

‘The main goal is to win the AFCON. We will need to be at our maximum because we know that there is good opposition. There is Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana and Ivory Coast. But we believe we can do it. I believe. And the players believe,’ he revealed.

Furthermore, the coach added, ‘The players pushed me to stay because they believe we can win. The players know it. They come with the same energy [and] the same belief to fight for the Super Eagles.’

He also pointed out how he intended to form a bond between foreign and domestic players before the games begin: ‘I tried to explain that if you do not come for the friendly matches, we cannot improve. Never will you create that connection, not only on the pitch but off it, because the spirit is important. If you meet up more often, you can create that spirit that you need.’

As things stand, it is likely Victor Osimhen does not like to play for Napoli anymore because of the video betrayal.

‘That video? From the club? From the outside is one thing but a video from the club, that is the worst,’ argued Poseiro. ‘That cannot happen. He was sad because it is not easy for anyone. He does not understand it. He does not understand why.’

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