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Exercises That Deals With Chubby And Face Fat In Five Days

Looking at the mirror, you feel so sad just because of the Chubby face of yours. You would wonder why most of the celebrities don’t have a penny of fat on their faces even if they have a Chubby face. That’s exactly why scientist has researched and confirmed the exercises which can eliminate face fat completely, there’s no need for surgery.


Follow The Exercises Below

1. Drink a lot of water

In all body metabolism and homeostasis, water is highly needed for Healthy body activities, before we move on to the exercises you will have to consume a lot of water.

2 have a good diet

The same way water helps in body metabolism and homeostasis is exactly how a good diet helps too. Most of the face fatwas caused by a bad diet. Someone who needs a perfect body figure should actually know the type of diet he or she should consume. Some foods are highly dangerous when referring to a perfect face figure.

Here Are Foods We Should Avoid So As To Avoid Face Fat Below

  • Alcohol
  • Pasta
  • White ice
  • Sucrose
  • White bread
  • Chips
  • Cheese
  • Milk

Avoid All This Diet So To Get A Perfect Face Figure After All The Exercises

3. Chew gums

Normally, some chew gums for other reasons not knowing it’s a great exercise which deals with the face fat. Chewing gums contrast your cheeks muscles and burns fat present on it, giving you a perfect figure. Get your gums and chew as much as you can.

4. Smiling and laughing

Many would get astonished or even doubt. It’s not a joke. They are face exercises that contrast all face muscles especially from behind the ears. It’s also good for our health for laughing brings pleasure and happiness. Leave your face in a smiling or laughing position for a long time depending on the time you can contend

5. Spelling letter X_O

Practically spelling X_O continuously, you will notice saying the letter ‘O’ would contrast your cheeks and mouth forward while the letter ‘X’ would contrast it back. This face exercise deals with the fat present on the mouth and cheeks. Spell X O as much as you can.

8. Blowing air into a balloon or to the air

When we blow air inside the balloon or to the air our cheeks would swell up, it swells so, showing much air pushes it up. This gives it to heat which burns the fat present on it. Get a balloon and blow air into it for about 6 seconds. Try it several.

9. Fish mouth like; stretching your two lips

Let your both cheek deep inside giving you a fish-like mouth, do it severally and see the results.


While doing it you would have to follow the instructions carefully for a perfect result. Note: if you get the perfect face figure you should stop the exercise and focus on a good diet so to avoid different results.

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