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“Buhari is not a bigot” Mohammadu Buhari’s aide declares amid heated trolls

The former aide of the ex-president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, has trashed the trending motive and controversy of him being a bigot.


In the recent trend, many concerned civilians queried Buhari’s alleged bigotry temperament which they protested that it is quite odd.

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He poured out several points to prove his point declaring that Bigots don’t like Jesus, unlike Mohammadu Buhari who once mentioned Jesus three times in his watch.

According to him, it all transpired in 2019 when the presidential helicopter wanted to crash with Buhari and his vice president, Osinbajo aboard.

While they encountered trauma in mid-air, he further disclosed that he experienced Buhari; call on Jesus several times to save his life after the likes of Osinbajo sparked the chant.

He finalised that Nigerians should forgo identifying Buhari as a bigot as they are allergic to Jesus.

His words:

“Jocularly, he said: ‘I can imagine that when the chopper crashed with a bang, VP as a pastor must have shouted, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! And fortunately, Jesus was not far away, so He saved him’.

“We all laughed. But one instructive lesson. Bigots don’t like Jesus. They never want to hear His name, or attribute anything miraculous to Him.”

“Buhari, a bigot? I beg, comot for road, make I pass. It is said that as a military commander, he gave opportunity for Muslim soldiers to observe the jummah on Fridays, and Christian soldiers were allowed to go to church on Sundays.”

“A bigot would allow Muslims and pretend that Christians didn’t exist.”

Some Civilians still stood to their claim which sparked heavy reactions among them as they tried to deploy their opinion.

Mohammadu Buhari’s regime featured several crises he battled from the core of his leadership to its end.

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