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HOT NEWS: Gunmen raids two locals, abducts and kill four

Pandemonium has sparked after sources disclosed that a convincing number of school children were abducted by yet-to-be-known armed men in Emure Local Government of Ekiti state.


This transpired earlier on 30th January 2024 while the infants were portraying their daily schooling activities.

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The Police Department didn’t quite specify the number of the children abducted but has so far begun a legal investigation and a possible rescue mission.

The abduction rate in the Nigerian daily trauma has far increased ever since the peak of 2024 emerged.

The Governor of Ekiti has yet to address the situation as the saga continues to trend via all social media platforms.

Another related trauma foresaw about four people dead after unknown gunmen attacked a POS attendant in Ohii junction located on the Owerri-Orlu Road in Imo State on Monday.

According to the source identified as Anyaeri Bright, he disclosed that during the attack, two Civilians and two policemen lost their lives in the cold hands of death after having to experience the terror.

Via a video that has gone viral, scenes displayed the moment terrified civilians were finding safety after the Robbery transpired.

An eyewitness identified as Presh Iheanacho said:

“Earlier today, around 9 am, some armed men in a Corolla vehicle attacked some POS shops and passersby just before Rapour Junction. Disposing them of cash and valuables.”

Another source disclosed that the gunmen went on to open fire and possessed several valuables and money sparking even more chaos and exiting the scene before the Police arrival.

The Nigerian Criminality saga has continued to torment Civilians living in local residences following an alleged high rate of unemployment thrusting brutality.

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