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Bored Tyson Fury insults dethroned Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury thinks his contemporaries are afraid of him
Tyson Fury thinks his contemporaries are afraid of him

Many would agree that Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, has been notably more outspoken of late. In addition to his expanding number of controversial remarks, he recently took a verbal jab at Anthony Joshua when questioned about the possibility of a match with the former champion.


Reports indicate that fans have been anticipating a showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. These two British pugilists have become interesting in the world of boxing particularly due to the sights they have delivered. However, Tyson Fury appears to hold little regard for Joshua.

In his recent statement, he referred to Joshua as a mere gym sweeper, an easy target, and an aging journeyman. Here is his controversial opinion on whether a fight between him and Joshua could hold.

‘There is no AJ to me is there,’ he waved off. ‘He’s a gym sweeper. Sweeps the gym floors and that. Gets beat up on by people. He’s like an old journeyman now. If you’re a decent heavyweight and you want to beat up on somebody, call him out. You’ll beat him easy. Sausage.’

Val9ja found out that since Fury started speaking to provoke his heavyweight contemporaries, none of them has replied or sought a contest with him. This includes the Ukrainian heavyweight co-king, Olexandr Usyk. This must have made Fury’s view of them quite unsightly.


But Fury’s insult to veteran, Mike Tyson showed he might be lacking in the aspect of respect. Recently, he accused Mike Tyson of being offended at his having defended his title for a longer time than him, only because Tyson accepted to train Fury’s next opponent. Mike Tyson has since replied the accusation, but in a way that could keep a good relationship between him and the star, who was named after him at birth.

Who would criticize Fury for rejecting lesser fights, if they stand in his way to making a point he wants to make before his retirement. Tyson Fury will fight the best UFC fighter, Ngannou in a professional boxing match on October 28, and has also boasted he would fight the same at the octagon next. He repeated this at an interview.

‘I’m on to the big fights. And I don’t mean the big men, I mean the big boys. Him, Ngannou, and Jon Jones in a cage. I want challenges. Not easy bait. They’re all bums, the boxers. I’ve already proved I’m the best boxer on the planet now I want to prove I’m the best fighter on the planet.’

Some could call it pride, others, confidence. But whatever it is, Tyson Fury might want to learn to respect people.

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