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Under which condition will Anthony Joshua fight Deontay Wilder?

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua has given the condition under which he will accept getting into the ring with Deontay Wilder.


The two have been expected to match their skills and physical abilities since before they lost their heavyweight title, and even talks to make the bout happen this year have been frustratingly futile.

Deontay Wilder’s several statements alleged that Anthony Joshua’s team was the reason the contest was not scheduled for takeoff, but this was after Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn’s accusations that blamed Wilder for the failed negotiations.

Having returned to fight his way to the top for what might be the last time, Anthony Joshua is to face Otto Wallin instead of Wilder, but he said the only condition under which his fight with Wilder will become a reality. The former WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight champion was vague but straight to the point in his statement.

‘Nothing really matters in the grand scheme of things but, for me personally, [if I become a three-time champion] my vision has come to a reality,’ said Joshua. ‘That gives a man power and gives him authority. I’m someone who has an authoritative word, I’m someone who if [I say] I’m going to do something then I will do it.

‘Do you know what’s good? I have got opportunities. I feel like the fight with Wilder is massive; it will happen, but I have options.

‘I don’t aim to be a part of the circus; I aim to own the circus. I don’t play to anyone’s tune; I play to my tune. I’ve got options, and we will see what I do.’

It is possible the cash Deontay Wilder wants Joshua to earn does not please Joshua. Also, it is possible that Joshua is increasing his part of the cash split to delay the fight.

Wilder and Otto Wallin had made some unsavoury statements about Joshua, and Joshua went on to address those.

‘Who the f*** is [Wilder]?’ asked Joshua. ‘He’s a boxer, not a psychologist. Otto says I’ve peaked; Wilder says I’ve lost my identity. Wallin has never seen a peak, so who is he to say what a peak is?

‘Wilder… I’ve stood 10 toes on what I represent; I’ve been a two-time champion of the world, defended it, fought X amount of world champions. The boy has had 50 fights and he probably fought Jason Gavern in his 30-something fight; I probably fought him in my 12th or whatever.

‘I never had a year out, never had too much time off, I stood up to every opportunity, I fought back-to-back world champions, defended my titles. I’m a different breed. Who am I to compare myself to others? I am a different breed.

‘If they’re looking for weaknesses and gaps, then they need to stop looking over here because I’m solid. I don’t know what he’s talking about, if I’m honest.’

Though Joshua tried to prove from this comment that he had no reason to fear Wilder, some might disagree.

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