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Deontay Wilder: Andy Ruiz’ father cause of failed fight

Deontay Wilder went vocal in the wake of the failed collaboration between him and one-time heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, saying how Ruiz’ father caused the failure of negotiations.


Before Deontay Wilder got matched with Joseph Parker, efforts took place between Ruiz’ and Wilder’s sides to establish a fight agreement between the two heavyweights. Wilder revealed this while speaking to The Last Stand, accusing Ruiz’ father who was allegedly involved in the negotiations as the reason the discussion was put to an end.

‘You’ve got the next fighter in line ready and waiting,’ Wilder said. ‘We told Andy this. We kept telling him. His father was the one that kept saying Andy’s ready, where we gonna fight, and when it came down to it all the excuses in the book.

‘They overpriced themselves. We told them, you’re gonna be on the shelf with that mentality.

‘They thinking because he beat Joshua and gained all of those titles he’s supposed to have all this money, but it was only for six months.

‘It would’ve been lesser than that if y’all got the fights on. So you can’t really hold that hostage and think you’re gonna get all this type of this money.

‘”But he was a champion” – yeah but for a short period of time. What did you do with it? You didn’t have no title defences. None of that. All that stuff counts.’

In his conversation with The Last Stand, the American went on to say that Ruiz’ father later returned to get the fight contract signed between Ruiz and Wilder, but Wilder allegedly disagreed.

‘They came back three or four times calling, his pops calling ‘it was Andy, he’s going through this and that’ … Nah pops, it wasn’t Andy, it was you.’

‘For that reason it fell through … Now I’ve move on to bigger and better opportunities.’

It is clear that Ruiz’ former refusal will not stop Wilder’s ride to the top, rather, Ruiz might wait below the top spots for a Long time.

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