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Deontay Wilder claims Joseph Parker shouldn’t have beat him: ‘He didn’t do nothing’

Deontay Wilder believes that Joseph Parker should not have beat him on December 23. However, his trainer had a different view.


Wilder was speaking to 78SPORTSTV when he said how he felt concerning his loss to Parker.

‘He has no business beating me at all, not even on a magnificent day for him. He didn’t do nothing, neither of us really did anything.’

But Malik Scott his trainer’s view was the opposite.

‘We had an awful night,’ said Scott following the bout. ‘There’s a few things that he could’ve done more of, he could’ve done right.

‘He came out of his base a lot. His chin came up a few times. The jab, it wasn’t filling blank spaces.

‘All of of times in the fight nothing was going on, and that was good for Parker, not good for Deontay.’

While speaking to 78SPORTSTV, Wilder blamed one thing for the surprising upset.

‘My timing was off because of inactivity’ he said. ‘I’m disappointed because I know I’m a way better fighter than him. I hurt him a few times, but certain shots I didn’t take. It was hesitation and I couldn’t understand why.’

Before the fight, former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was the favourite for one thing: he dangerous right hand. Furthermore, the only public advice his former opponent, Tyson Fury, who is the WBC heavyweight champion gave Parker was to be careful of Wilder’s right hand.

It is possible that Wilder thought it was useless to hit Parker with his trademark strike during the fight, but Parker also made it difficult to be struck cleanly during the bout. He kept circling Wilder and delivering good strikes.

“Bad night in the office,’ Scott had said after the fight. ‘First of all, Joseph Parker and Andy Lee – they had a hell of a gameplan.

‘Joseph Parker’s chin wasn’t over his front, a couple of times he was heavy-footed I thought that Deontay could continue to be patient, jab and make him run into something, but his chin never went over his front. He fought methodical.

‘He had a game plan and he stuck to it. The best man won, congratulations to Joseph Parker. I’ve got nothing but genuine love and respect for him … He’s one of the best heavyweights in the world. There wasn’t no shame in losing to Joseph Parker.’

Deontay Wilder has promised he will return. Anthony Joshua believes he can.

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