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Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino loses some patience

Chelsea’s head coach Mauricio Pochettino showed his patience with the first team was wearing thin while speaking recently.


The London Blues are preparing to face Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Thursday, but Pochettino observed that his boys should change their behaviour in order to be better. The gaffer shared his thoughts with ahead of the important match.

‘If we want to win and match the expectations in Chelsea,’ he said, ‘We need to behave different. To be focused, concentrated and more aggressive. Not to hide behind the opponent, to always ask for the ball, to play in possession.

‘We created many chances to score but after that we need to be strong. If the team wants to win games it’s not only about playing well with the ball. We cannot be an exhibition team that plays football to enjoy it. We need to compete and competing is completely different.

‘That is why I was disappointed after the Burnley game. With the ball we tried, we played, we created chances. But after we need to run and chase, because otherwise you can’t win anything. If we want to win we need to respect both phases of the game.’

Formerly, Pochettino said the team was young and developing, always adding that they should be given more time. But it seems his patience is running out because of how badly the boys have been performing in especially key matches.

‘We were talking a lot during these few days since the game,’ said Pochettino. ‘We are Chelsea but we need to behave like Chelsea.

‘If we want to belong to a big club it’s not an excuse to be a young or inexperienced player. At the end of the day we need to perform.

‘We talk about young players’ potential to be amazing players, but they need to realise that they need to improve so quick.

‘There’s no time to improve in one or two years, because the level is so high, in the Premier League and at this club.

‘It was a good few days to talk about body language, energy, the capacity to live with the pressure, to perform better and step up.

‘We can find excuses but in the end we need to perform tomorrow and it is going to be the same guys on the pitch because that is the squad that we have.

‘They are the principle actors who need to step up and say: “we are here, we have character, we are going to show that we deserve to play in this amazing club”.’

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